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Mitsubishi Recalls 82,436 Vehicles for Transmission Glitches

Mitsubishi Motors’ American division will conduct a new recall, the second announced this month, for its CVT transmission. According to the filing made to the NHTSA, Mitsubishi’s Constant Velocity Transmission could momentarily lose signal, thus delaying acceleration. Read more here… URL:

Dangerously High Levels of Lead Discovered in Portland Public Schools’ Drinking Water

Students in Portland, Oregon Public Schools, the largest school district in Oregon, have not taken a drink from a water fountain in two weeks.  After two Portland schools tested high for lead in drinking fountains and sinks, lead issues were exposed at schools and other departments across the metro region. […]

Six State Employees Criminally Charged in Connection with the Flint Water Crisis

Prosecutors reported the State Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health and Human Services embellished and modified reports about lead contamination in the drinking water. Read more here… URL:

Senate Report Reveals Mercedes, Ferrari & Daimler Vans are Selling New Vehicles with Defective Takata Airbags

The vehicles are legal to be sold since the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declared they will not become potentially unsafe until exposed to high humidity for a prolonged period. Read more here… URL:

EPA: Aircraft Greenhouse Gas Emissions are Harmful to Human Health

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded a finding that greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft threatens human health and environment, clearing the way for federal regulation Read more here… URL:

Federal Court Finds Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act

The U.S. 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans decided that the law violates federal laws prohibiting electoral discrimination and must be amended before the November election. Read more here… URL:

VW Reaches $15 billion Emissions Settlement

By Sophie Williams – Volkswagen initially encountered up to $18 billion in fines for violating the U.S. Clean Air Act. VW sold over 11 million cars worldwide with deceptive software that cut back on cars’ emissions while undergoing tests. Read more here… URL:

Mitch McConnell’s block of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

Mitch McConnell’s most recent duplicitous act is an effort to block President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court from consent.  According to the United States Constitution, President Obama has the right and is compelled to nominate a successor. Read more here: