Happy 26th Anniversary, Andrea Schmauss

By Cindy Nations –

Andrea has done it all. She started out as Mr. Nations’ legal secretary and executive assistant. She has covered just about every job you can have at a law firm. And now she is the IT Administrator, which by the way, is 100% self-taught. Andrea has accumulated an immense knowledge and has an impressive understanding of IT, multimedia, and telecommunications work. She insists on being available 24/7 for anything she is needed for. Pulling all-nighters is all too common in Andrea’s world.

And with all of these accomplishments, she has somehow managed to be a leader in the community as well. Her work with law enforcement is impressive. She works with the area law enforcement agencies, including the FBI; is on the local Advisory Committee of MADD where she chairs the Take The Wheel Committee, which she says is “everything law enforcement;” and not too long ago became a chaplain! Andrea is a great friend with a huge heart. She really makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

So, thank you Andrea, for devoting so many years to the firm.

Happy Anniversary!

Andrea Schmauss, IT Administrator