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The Nations Law Firm has been proudly based in Houston, Texas for 47 years. Our firm has over 100 employees who live all over Houston and the surrounding areas. The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey was widespread and catastrophic. While our law offices were not directly impacted by Harvey, many of our friends, family, employees and neighbors suffered losses.

Due to the unprecedented devastation of Hurricane Harvey, we will be dealing with the aftermath for many years as we rebuild our homes and businesses.

If your insurance company delays, denies, or underpays your home or business claim, contact our firm for a free case evaluation, as we have decades of experience in handling insurance disputes.

If your home or business suffered flooding due to the government releasing water from the Addicks Reservoir or the Barker Reservoir, contact us for a free case evaluation, regardless of whether you had homeowners’ insurance or flood insurance. Our firm has filed inverse condemnation lawsuits on behalf of home owners and business owners to seek just compensation for their damages.

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