The Toxic Water of Camp LeJeune

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October 23, 2023, Biden-Harris Administration proposes ban on toxic chemical Trichloroethylene (TCE)

Review of DOJ Elective Option for Camp Lejeune Clients

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The United States military officials knew about heavily contaminated water at Camp Lejeune for several decades but did nothing to remediate the problem or inform the public, while hundreds of thousands of those who served and protected our country and their family members were being poisoned by that very same water.

Our military personnel and their families living or working on the base cooked, bathed, and swam in the tainted water for many years before the contamination was revealed. Here at The Nations Law Firm we believe that this is an enormous betrayal of trust, one that has left innumerable Americans dead and dying.

The list of diseases proven to be linked to the contaminated water is staggering: Kidney Cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Leukemia, Liver Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Kidney Disease, Systemic Sclerosis/Scleroderma, Cardiac Defects, and a host of other diseases.

We are working hard to connect with those who have been affected by the Camp Lejeune water contamination, so that we can bring justice to the people to who lived or stayed on the base from 1953 to 1987 who have suffered due to the betrayal of government officials who hid the truth.

Read the Honoring our PACT Act of 2022 (with the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, P. 44, SEC. 804) here…

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