Attention Texas Property Owners – FILE NOW

By Cindy Nations
August 30, 2017

To our friends in Texas. The Texas insurance laws are changing this week. FILE your property damage claims BEFORE FRIDAY SEPT 1st. Any claims filed after tomorrow will be under the new law. The new law, HB 1774, reduces your protection and remedies against the insurance company should they deny your claim or drag their feet in processing and paying valid claims. File with every property insurance company you have. Flood insurance is sold separately from your homeowner’s policy. Property owners along the coast may have an additional policy with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. THIS IS NOT A SCAM.

Click here for more information: Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Update August 30th

By Cindy L. Nations

August 30, 2017 – The rain finally stopped yesterday evening and the sun peeked out in time for sunset. Today we have blue skies, clouds, and some mild wind. It is not raining, at least not in this part of Houston. Don’t be fooled by this picture perfect scene that I am describing. Houston and the surrounding areas are devastated. Not only is the floodwater not going down in some areas, it is actually expected to rise, primarily due to the controlled release and overflow of water from nearby reservoirs. There are over 17,000 people in Houston shelters. Some people are still evacuating and being rescued. Many streets and freeways remain impassible. The schools and the airports are closed. Most businesses are closed. We managed to open our Houston offices today and are working normal hours. All of our staff and their families are safe, but several of them had to evacuate their homes and many have suffered extensive property damage. This is just the beginning of what will surely be a long, difficult road to recovery. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our neighbors who are now in the patch of this monstrous storm.

Hurricane Harvey Update August 28th

By Cindy L. Nations

August 28, 2017 – Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is experiencing the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  We are based in Houston and are feeling the effects first-hand.  The entire city is flooded and the roads are impassable.  Our Houston offices will remain closed until it is deemed safe to be out on the streets.  That could be several days.  Our employees live all over Houston and in many surrounding areas.  We are trying to maintain communication with them.  So far, everyone is safe, although, sadly several people’s homes have been flooded and they have been evacuated to shelters.

Many of us are working remotely, but we are unable to answer the main phone lines.  If you need to reach us during the storm, please use email.  The general email is  Stay safe and dry.  We will continue to provide updates.