Hurricane Harvey Update August 28th

By Cindy L. Nations

August 28, 2017 – Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is experiencing the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  We are based in Houston and are feeling the effects first-hand.  The entire city is flooded and the roads are impassable.  Our Houston offices will remain closed until it is deemed safe to be out on the streets.  That could be several days.  Our employees live all over Houston and in many surrounding areas.  We are trying to maintain communication with them.  So far, everyone is safe, although, sadly several people’s homes have been flooded and they have been evacuated to shelters.

Many of us are working remotely, but we are unable to answer the main phone lines.  If you need to reach us during the storm, please use email.  The general email is  Stay safe and dry.  We will continue to provide updates.