Monsanto Seeds Cause Rash, Halting Launch

Monsanto Corporation ceased the launch of a chemical designed for crop seeds in the wake of reports stating that the chemical causes rashes on people. This is the latest instance of complaints regarding the company’s product that was approved by U.S. environmental regulators.

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Houston Astros Earn History

On November 1st, 2017, the Houston Astros played the 7th game in the final set of the World Series – and won.

As Mayor Sylvester Turner said, “We went from 51 inches of rain to a 5 to 1 clincher. WOW it doesn’t get much better than that.”

We are proud to call Houston our home, and very proud of our baseball team, the Houston Astros.


Congress Prevents Consumers from Suing Companies Like Equifax

The Senate voted Tuesday night to eradicate a contentious rule that would have allowed Americans to file class-action suits against banks instead of being coerced in many cases into private arbitration.

No Democrats or independents favored the move. All but two Republicans — John Kennedy of Louisiana and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina — voted to revoke the rule.

George Slover, senior policy counsel for Consumers Union, declared the vote “means that big financial companies can lock the courthouse doors and prevent consumers who’ve been mistreated from joining together to seek the relief they deserve under the law.”

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Serious Vulnerability in the Protocol Securing Wi-Fi Networks

Researchers have discovered and disclosed a massive WiFi vulnerability that puts everyone’s private data at risk. According to the article, nearly every WIFI device we use is vulnerable – and may even be compromised – due to a standard industry high-security protocol WPA2. Read more here:


Free Book Giveaway to Help Grant Maniér Get Back to His Art

Our friend Grant Maniér temporarily lost his art livelihood after hurricane Harvey. So he’s running a special online holiday promotion to help get back to his art.
For a limited time only, purchase his new book and get a second one FREE!
Although Grant suffered his own loss, he got to work and rolled up his sleeves, giving back to the city that established his art and name.

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All books are personally autographed by Grant Maniér!

North Texas Warrior Golf Association Fundraiser

The Nations Law Firm is proud to announce the successful outcome of a charitable event which we were fortunate enough to sponsor.  The 7th Annual North Texas Warrior Golf Tournament took place in Southlake, Texas all day today.  This is the group’s only fundraiser and essentially funds their entire yearly operating budget.  The North Texas Warrior Golf Association works with wounded veterans throughout the year, providing them with playing opportunities and golfing equipment, all as a means to assist with their rehab and their successful reintegration into civilian life.

One of our attorneys, Rachel Rose, was on site at the event and met with veterans and their families to answer questions about the Anti-Terrorism Act lawsuits which our firm is handling.  War veterans who were injured in Iraq or Afghanistan may be eligible for compensation through this lawsuit.  Their families may also have a claim.

Not only did Ms. Rose meet with people at the event, she was also on the air with Major Andrew White, on his popular radio show, Kilroy’s Conversation,  A Voice for Veterans and First Responders.