FDA Bans Chemicals Found in Antibacterial Soap

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is putting a stop to the use of a number of common ingredients in antibacterial soaps and washes because there is no evidence those products are safe for long-term use or more effective than plain soap. Read more here in the New York Times online… Permalink: http://nyti.ms/2bIOQ1f

Mitsubishi Recalls 82,436 Vehicles for Transmission Glitches

Mitsubishi Motors’ American division will conduct a new recall, the second announced this month, for its CVT transmission. According to the filing made to the NHTSA, Mitsubishi’s Constant Velocity Transmission could momentarily lose signal, thus delaying acceleration. Read more here… URL: http://www.autoblog.com/2016/08/22/mitsubishi-recall-82426-cvt-transmission/

Dangerously High Levels of Lead Discovered in Portland Public Schools’ Drinking Water

Students in Portland, Oregon Public Schools, the largest school district in Oregon, have not taken a drink from a water fountain in two weeks.  After two Portland schools tested high for lead in drinking fountains and sinks, lead issues were exposed at schools and other departments across the metro region. Read more here… URL: http://portlandtribune.com/pt/9-news/317033-196308-so-far-every-portland-public-schools-building-has-high-levels-of-lead-copper