STCL Animal Law Clinic Silent Auction

By Andrea Schmauss

Dean and Mrs Guter with the Caribbean Owl by Grant Manier
Dean and Mrs Guter with the Caribbean Owl by Grant Manier

February 13, 2013 — The Nations Law Firm is proud to support the work of the Animal Law Clinic at South Texas College of Law by donating The Caribbean Owl a “Paint by Paper” canvas print by Grant Manier, one of Houston up-and-coming young artists, for their annual silent auction to raise funds for animal-related charities and organizations. The print was presented to STCL Dean Donald J. Guter and Patricia Guter by Andrea Schmauss, the firms IT Administrator.

More information on Grant Manier and the Caribbean Owl may be found at Grant Manier Caribbean Owl  and

The STCL Animal Law Clinic is the first in the State of Texas. This dynamic group allows law students the opportunity to assist in cases ranging from animal cruelty and regulation, to assisting local non-profit animal shelters and rescues within Harris County.

This year’s silent auction is scheduled to begin February 20th, 2013. Funds raised will go to The Animal Law Clinic at South Texas College of Law, Caring Critters, Inc., and SNAP (Spay-Neuter Assistance Program Houston).

Caring Critters, Inc. is a Houston area all-volunteer organization that aims to enhance the lives of people through their Animal-Assisted Therapy program.

SNAP is a non-profit agency that strives to prevent the suffering and death of cats and dogs due to overpopulation and preventable diseases, especially in low-income areas.

Howard Nations Dean for a Day at South Texas College of Law

Posted by Cindy Nations

Howard Nations as Dean for a Day
Howard Nations as Dean for a Day

December 3, 2012 – We have to hand it to Dean Guter and the staff at South Texas College of Law. They really went all out to make the “Dean for a Day” experience both enjoyable and unforgettable. From the moment Mr. Nations arrived at the school, he was met by one surprise after another . . . all perfectly planned and well-executed by the Dean and many employees.

They re-named the school “The Nations Law School” for the day, complete with custom-made banners with a picture of Howard Nations sporting a tuxedo and flashing that infamous smile! The school photographer followed us around all day like paparazzi, capturing everything on film. The former registrar of the school Lylene Pilkenton, now retired, came out of retirement to work once again with her old friend ” Professor Nations.” He was also given the opportunity to lecture to an Aviation Law class, bringing back fond memories of his 25 years as a Law Professor at South Texas.

Following a very nice reception and mingling with students, professors, South Texas alumni, and former students of Howard Nations (some who graduated over 30 years ago) everyone entered the lecture hall to watch the documentary Hot Coffee, presented by “Dean Nations.” There was a popcorn machine on hand — after all what’s a movie without popcorn!

Hot Coffee began with a discussion led by “Dean Nations”, after which we watched the movie, which was followed up with the audience participating in a lively discussion, asking questions, and sharing ideas. Many people had never seen the Hot Coffee movie and left with a much better understanding of what tort reform is really all about. Several people were inspired to take action! That’s exactly what we wanted. Overall, it was a wonderful day. My sincerest thanks to Dean Guter and everyone at South Texas who worked so hard to make this day such a special honor for my dad.

You can watch the video here…