Final Chapter of HuffPost’s Risperdal Series Examines Verdict in Pledger Case

In the 15th and final chapter of its series on Johnson & Johnson’s Risperdal (risperidone), the Huffington Post (10/2) “Highline” recounts how the jury in the Pledger case handed down its verdict Feb. 24, 2015, finding J&J was negligent by failing to provide an adequate warning about the risk of gynecomastia associated with Risperdal. The jury awarded $2.5 million to Austin Pledger. Meanwhile, J&J’s “latest SEC filing says there are 4,200 Risperdal claims on dockets across the country.” All in all, author Stephen Brill argues, the Risperdal scandal raises concerns about regulation of drug manufacturers. Indeed, the company’s misconduct “would have gone unchecked” if not for the work of plaintiffs lawyers who “trudged through millions of documents.” The FDA “didn’t do that work.” Meanwhile, the “recent push from the bench, emanating from the Supreme Court, to expand the First Amendment rights of corporations could upend the core principle that a regulatory agency like the FDA can stop drug companies from spending whatever it takes to put their spin on what their products can be used for.”

Risperdal Case “Short-Form” Plaintiff’s Fact Sheet (PFS)

By Buck Daniel

Recent developments in the Risperdal litigation include court-approved “short-form” plaintiff’s fact sheets (PFS) and a renewed push for the first bellwether trial in California. If we have filed your case, then attorney Buck Daniel has been trying to reach out to you in order to discuss the upcoming process and we have sent out a short-form PFS for you to complete and return. If you have not spoken with our office, or if you have not yet received a short-form PFS, please reach out to us immediately. It is the hope of plaintiff’s leadership that the first Risperdal case in California will be brought to trial by summer 2016, and as developments occur, we will keep you up to date.

Risperdal Case Update

By Buck Daniel

Currently, we are placing our focus on two litigation fronts for our Risperdal cases. In the Philadelphia litigation there are hundreds of cases pending, whereas the California litigation is in its beginning stages. California Superior Judge William Highberger, who is overseeing the cases, along with the newly appointed Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee have yet to shape pre-trial matters. We see advantages to each front, and plan to place each of our cases strategically in the best fit for the facts of that particular case.  As we make these decisions, we will keep our clients fully informed of where their case will be filed and any developments within each group of cases.