Pradaxa Case Updates

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Pradaxa Case Update

By Buck Daniel – With each passing day we are closer to having our clients paid with funds from the $650 million dollar settlement agreed to in mid-2014. Unfortunately, as described in the Master Settlement Agreement, the value for each injury category will be slightly less than first estimated. Our […]

Pradaxa Settlement

By Buck Daniel May 29, 2014 – The Nations Law Firm is pleased to announce the settlement of all of its Pradaxa claims against Boehringer Ingelheim. The pharmaceutical company will pay $650 million to settle all 4,000 state and federal lawsuits over its blood thinner Pradaxa (dabigatran). In 2011 alone, […]


By Buck Daniel August 14, 2013 – More than 700 Pradaxa cases have now been filed in the Southern District of Illinois before Judge David Herndon. The majority of these cases claim gastrointestinal bleeding injuries, but there have also been many catastrophic bleeding events such as hemorrhagic stroke. Judge Herndon has […]