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The Law Offices of Howard L. Nations, now The Nations Law Firm, was founded in 1971. We handle cases nationwide from our principal office in Houston, Texas and our satellite offices in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. Bilingual staff is available for Spanish-speaking clients.

Unless otherwise specified, attorneys are not Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Judge Michael A. Musmanno, Nuremberg Trial Judge

Judge Michael A. Musmanno, Nuremberg Trial Judge

…The person who has, without fault on his part, been injured and who, because of his injury, is unable to work, and has a large family to support, and has no money to engage a lawyer, would be at the mercy of the person who disabled him because, being in a superior economic position, the injuring person could force on his victim, desperately in need of money to keep the candle of life burning in himself and his dependent ones, a wholly unconscionably meager sum in settlement, or even refuse to pay him anything at all. Any society, and especially a democratic one, worthy of respect in the spectrum of civilization, should never tolerate such a victimization of the weak by the mighty.”

Richette v. Solomon, A.2d 910, 919, (Pa.1963)

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Attorney Biographies

Howard L. Nations, J.D.
Texas Board of Legal Specialization: Personal Injury Trial Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization: Civil Trial Law
National Board of Trial Advocacy: Diplomate, Civil Trial Advocacy
National College of Advocacy: Diplomate of Trial Advocacy

Cindy L. Nations, J.D.

Kim T. Truongle, J.D.

Mark E. Dykes, J.D.

Stephen G. Daniel, J.D.

Jade M. Ruiz, J.D.

Lema Barazi, J.D.

Carolyn St. Clair, R.N., J.D., Of Counsel

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