Howard Nations Putting the Brakes on Unsafe Trucking Companies

By Cindy L. Nations

February 20, 2012 – Howard L. Nations was just selected to be the first Regional Director of Litigation for the states of Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. This is a brand new project being launched by the Association (APITLA). Each region will have a director of litigation hand-chosen for their expertise and experience in trucking litigation. The regional directors will be part of an Emergency Response Team comprised of the most highly-respected trucking lawyers in this country.

The purpose of the program is to give lawyers nationwide the immediate guidance, advice, and support they need to effectively prosecute any trucking case. Whether it’s their first case or their hundredth, there’s always more to be learned by these masters of trucking litigation. In turn, this will unite trucking lawyers nationwide in their fight for the rights of those who fall victim to negligent trucking companies.