You Deserve to Know the Truth – Hot Coffee: The Movie

Posted by Cindy L. Nations

September 5, 2012 – Something is amiss. For 2 decades, the American public has been deluged by a massive public relations campaign funded by big business interests. They have used stories, half-truths, and sometimes outright lies to convince the American people that our juries are out of control, the courts are backed up with frivolous lawsuits, and our civil justice system desperately needs reform. Big businesses, like tobacco, pharmaceutical and insurance companies have poured tremendous amounts of money and energy into this campaign … and with what purpose? To limit your access to the court system – the one and only place where an average citizen can go up against the powerful corporations and still have a chance for justice.

Watch Hot Coffee: Movie Trailer here:

It’s time to take back your rights. As trial lawyers, we go up against the big corporations and fight for the rights of our clients. But tort reform has spread like a plague across this country. Laws have been changed, juries are biased, even some courts are biased. Your legal rights have been stripped away while big business gains more and more power.

As a plaintiff’s lawyer, prosecuting a case limited by tort reform is like entering a battlefield unarmed. The law and the civil justice system are our weapons. Weapons that we use to fight for your rights when someone has harmed you. Take away our weapons and there’s little we can do.

Let’s join forces and take back what is rightfully yours. Join the Hot Coffee movement. Learn more and see how you can help. Go to Together we can make a difference.