Our Own Joanna Meinecke Receives Houston AdminAwards Loyalty Award

Joanna Meinecke

Congratulations to our very own Joanna Meinecke, winner of the Houston AdminAwards Loyalty Award.

Joanna Patton Meinecke came to work for The Nations Law Firm 33 years ago as a part-time temporary. When she joined the firm, the current managing partner, Cindy Nations, was still in high school and working for her dad after class. As Firm Administrator she has witnessed both drastic changes and growth in the plaintiffs’ firm founded by Howard Nations in 1971.

Her legal experience started in 1968 at a corporate firm in Dallas, Texas, where she was hired as receptionist and six months later was selected by the Senior Partner to be his right hand. She held that position for 10 years before moving to Houston.

Joanna grew up in three small Texas towns, attended Baylor University, and graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Business Education. She continues to avidly support the Lady Bears basketball team. Her long-term loyalties extend to her personal trainer of 17 years and her boyfriend of 27 years.

When asked recently by an applicant during an interview what caused her to stay at The Nations Law Firm for 33 years, Joanna replied: “The people here who give their best to meet the needs of the clients and more importantly, the trust and fairness and respect shown to me by Howard Nations who is still considering a reclassification for me from ‘part-time temporary’ to permanent.”

Published June 9, 2017