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Pradaxa Case Update

By Buck Daniel – With each passing day we are closer to having our clients paid with funds from the $650 million dollar settlement agreed to in mid-2014. Unfortunately, as described in the Master Settlement Agreement, the value for each injury category will be slightly less than first estimated. Our […]


By Kim Truongle – AMS – Our firm is part of a multi-firm settlement with AMS.  If you are one of our AMS clients and have not yet been contacted by us, your contact information may be outdated, so please contact us at (800) 269-3050.  Settlement administration is expected to […]

HIP IMPLANTS – An End of Year Update

By Kim Truongle – ASR – We are pleased to report that all of our clients who elected to participate in the U.S. ASR Settlement earlier this year have been funded the majority of their claim.  We currently await the Settlement Administrator’s review of bonus claims out of the Extraordinary […]