Inspiration, Education and Fundraising

By Andrea Schmauss

The staff of the Nations Law Firm formed the “Jogging for Joanna” team and participated in Saturday’s Susan G Komen’s Houston Race for the Cure.  The team’s formation was inspired by Joanna Meinecke, Office Administrator for the Nations Law Firm, who openly shared her breast cancer diagnosis, encouraged dialogue about women’s health and welcomed questions on her own surgery and treatment.  The stigma of breast cancer was taken away by her willingness to share, and the courage, strength and positive attitude with which she proceeded through her diagnosis and surgery were remarkable.  She had cancer, but life went on as normal.  She had surgery and returned to work two weeks later.

The firm designed and provided t-shirts for everyone who signed up to walk with a catch phrase on the front “Stop Staring at my Ribbons” that elicited many smiles. The design made the top ten in the Komen t-shirt contest.  Fundraising efforts where a huge success.  With an initial goal of $1,000 the final total surpassed $3,000.

Breast cancer strikes 1 in 8 women during their lives. Most of us have been affected by, or know someone who has had, breast cancer. Let us continue to support and encourage each other to have regular screenings.

Click here to see our Jogging For Joanna video at the 2014 Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure

photo Joanna on the Pink Bike
Joanna on the Pink Bike
photo The Nations Law Firm "Jogging for Joanna" team
The Nations Law Firm “Jogging for Joanna” team spirit
photo Kimberly, Becky W, Cadence
Kimberly, Becky W, Cadence
photo Joanna modeling the new t-shirts
Joanna modeling the new t-shirts