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Failed Transvaginal Mesh Frequently Asked Questions
In addition to the written answers to these important questions below, we are also providing video segments where the questions are answered by Howard L. Nations and Tracy Tallon, national pharmaceutical lawyers.

Error de malla transvaginal: Preguntas más frecuentes (TVM FAQ Spanish video)

  • How much does a TVM case cost?
    Video response:
    This costs you nothing out of pocket. Our firm works on a contingency fee, meaning our recovery is contingent (dependent) upon your recovery. If you do not get anything, you will not owe us anything. If you have a recovery, our share is what we agreed to in your original signed contract.

    Can I hire a local attorney to pursue a potential TVM claim?
    No. We represent clients from all fifty states. These cases are against large pharmaceutical companies, so it is more advisable to use a firm that specializes in pharmaceutical cases. Our firm does just that. The advantage of using a pharmaceutical law firm over any other firm is we have established a rapport with the defense counsel. Due to our past cases, and due to our presence in current cases, the lawyers for the other side know who we are and are therefore more likely to work with us.

    Will my TVM case go to trial? Will I have to travel?
    Very likely not. There are many cases ahead of you, and the Judge is selecting trials from the earliest cases that were in the court system long before we came to know of you. This does not necessarily mean you will have to wait longer than others for resolution of your claim. Once the defendants want to settle these cases with us, they will most likely try to settle all of our cases at once.

    Why do you need my social security number?
    We are required to obtain your social security number for numerous reasons. For example, when we negotiate the cases, the other side always requires your social security number to verify you are a real individual. We also use your social security number to meet federal requirements relating to lien resolution. Your private information is only for purposes of your case, and we are do not otherwise distribute your information to anyone.

    Why do you need my spouse’s information?
    In certain states, a spouse has a small cause of action related to your case. As with your information, your spouse’s information is solely for the purposes of this case and is subject to the same confidentiality rules as yours.

    After I sign a contract with an attorney, when will I find out if I have a TVM case?
    The moment you return your signed contract to us, you should consider yourself represented by The Nations Law Firm and that you have a claim. If we find out over the course of handling your case that there are factors preventing us from moving forward, we will release you from your contract and notify you. Otherwise, you should consider that you have a case and that it is moving forward. For updates on the cases in general, please see our blog on our website: (link opens in a new window or tab)

    Why hasn’t my TVM case been filed?
    We do not file cases until we absolutely have to. This minimizes the expenses of your case, which you ultimately bear. It also minimizes the requirements ordered by the Court, which you would have to be involved in. Regardless of whether your case has been filed, your case is still moving forward. Much of the development of these cases is building the case against the manufacturer. Therefore, even if there are no case-specific developments in your case, the case is still moving forward because of the progress we are making on the general case.

    How much compensation will I receive if I have a TVM claim?
    It is too early to tell. The cases depend on many factors. Some of those factors are specific to your individual experience, and other factors are the general things we have to consider in any legal case. Those general factors include the science, the liability (what the company did, knew, and should have done better), and the general way the Court (and a potential jury) views these cases.

    With TVM jury verdicts that I’ve read about, are those an indication of what I will receive in my claim?
    No. Things online are not always accurate and also exclude important details. Any articles about settlements should also be taken lightly, as settlements are almost always governed by a strict level of confidentiality. Therefore, any numbers you read about cannot be verified.

    Will my doctors be sued?
    No.; We are not naming any healthcare providers in our lawsuits and instead try to work with them to achieve the best results for our clients.

    Should I go to another doctor to receive medical care for my TVM symptoms?
    We view your legal claim and your medical care as two separate things that run side by side; they should not interfere with one another. Your legal claim should not change your medical care. If you are having symptoms or have medical questions, you should consult your doctor as you normally would. Just make sure to keep us updated on any changes to your medical status so we have full information in your file.

    What is the statute of limitations?
    The statute of limitations is the deadline you have to file a claim. In these types of cases against the manufacturer, the date of when the timer starts is arguable, depending on different factors. We always try to be as prudent as possible, so it is important that you do not wait to find representation in your case. Even if you think your SOL has passed, contact us because we may still be able to help you.

    Will I lose my government benefits if I succeed in my TVM claim?
    No. We take every precaution necessary to keep you from losing your benefits. There are ways to accept a settlement and still keep your benefits. We have helped thousands of our clients do this, and we currently represent thousands more clients who receive government benefits.

    My medical bills are piling up and I need care that I cannot afford. How do I pay for this? Can I get a loan?
    We are sorry to hear of your hardship. Our firm is unable to provide legal funding directly. We do not recommend legal advances due to the extremely high fees and interest that serve to severely cut into any settlement you may receive. However, if you choose to obtain a legal advance, we will honor any liens for which we are put on notice.

    What if I file for bankruptcy?
    Filing for bankruptcy now could mean that anything you receive from your case will go into your bankruptcy and be disbursed to your creditors, not you. Please consider this before filing for bankruptcy.

    If a settlement of my case occurs, how will I be paid?
    For cases with many claimants around the country, our experience is that if we reach a settlement, the defendant will likely negotiate a settlement of all our cases at once. This does not mean that everyone will get the same amount. We will first work on providing documents to meet the terms of the settlement. The documents are then reviewed by the other side for approval, and we go back and forth until the claims are approved. Only then will funds be sent into a trust account. Individual payments to claimants will then be made once all other requirements are met, such as verifying liens. Therefore, once an agreement to settle is made, the settlement process can take significant time to accomplish, but keep in mind that we do not get paid until you get paid. We do not have access to funds until just before individual payments are made.

    What happens if I pass away before my case is resolved?
    We hope this does not happen! If it does, we are still able to continue your claim through your surviving kin or anyone appointed to handle your estate.

    What if I move?
    It is extremely important that you notify your attorney if your contact information changes, particularly your mailing address.

    Can my attorney provide individual attention while representing many TVM clients?
    We take care of our clients. Our firm represents you. We act in your best interest. Once liability has been established against one or more of the manufacturers in your case, our goal is that you receive the very best possible recovery to meet your needs and begin compensation for the tragic circumstance that you find yourself in as a result of the conduct of these defendants. We regard it as a privilege to represent you. In representing a group of clients, we know there is strength in numbers when it comes to getting claims resolved.

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